Saturday, August 25, 2012


Wednesday night Callan started complaining about a headache. His bg was actually really good for once, and he had no ketones. So I gave him some Tylenol and he went to bed.

The next morning he woke up at 485 and had large ketones, so I called the dr and we went right in. They discovered he had an ear infection, monitored him in the office for a while, and sent us home when his numbers went down. He started throwing up, but the dr contributed that with being so high then dropping quickly. I checked throughout the day and he didn't have any ketones so I THOUGHT we were in the clear. Ha!

At 8pm he was 114, without ketones, but he had a bit of a fever. Something told me to check him again. At 9:15 he was 490, with large ketones, and a 102 fever. I took him straight to the ER.

We waited for an hour in the waiting room until the staff finally got tired of me explaining what can happen with high bg and ketones. After lab work they told us that he was on the verge of going into DKA!

He was admitted, and diagnosed with viral pneumonia. He had a fever of 104 off and on yesterday, and he was super out of it. Today he woke up feeling much better and we were released.

I can't imagine what might have happened had I not taken him into the ER. I had been giving him small doses of insulin all day and he still almost went into DKA! Keep an extra close eye on your babes when they are sick. It can take a turn for the worst sooo quickly!!

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