Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Diabetes.

Dear Diabetes,

I hate you. Not like I hate coconut or the stomping of feet in the apartment above us. My hate for you is deep. Like the hate for someone who hurts innocent children. The hate for someone who takes precious childhood memories away. The hate for someone that sucks the happiness out of the day in one split fleeting second. You, diabetes, are the most hated of all.

But guess what? You cant win. You can try to take our childs sweet innocent memories and replace them with horrible ones of finger sticks, injections, and constant doctors visits. And you can keep on trying. But I will not let this go down without a fight.

I will give my son the most normal wonderful childhood that anyone can hope for. I will replace your pain with joy, frustration with peace, hate with love.

ALL children deserve to have a childhood and I will fight you to the death to make it so. I don't care if it takes every ounce of life within me. You will never win.


Your WORST Enemy


  1. im sooooo riding that HATE train with you! im the person tossing coal in the engine to beat diabetes in the race to a great life! CHOO CHOO, DIABETES YOU ARE ON MY TRACK AND IM GONNA RUN YOUR ASS OVER!

  2. I hear you @!!!! Theres a point where i was like, NO MORE. This thing isnt going to steal anything more from my family, we are going to do this for real. And you will. You are an awesome mum with a heart full of love and bucketloads of willingness for good measure. big hugs xx.

  3. There are so many of us D-moms fighting Diabetes you would think Diabetes would give up by now but sadly it never does. I now live for all those Diabetes ass kicking moments. Love it.