Sunday, April 1, 2012

3:36a ramblings.

It's 3:36a, and I can't go back to sleep. :/

I actually feel like I haven't slept in days.  Callans numbers have been crazy!  He pretty much has been in the 200-500's on a consistent basis since Thursday.  But he will have crazy lows too. Like last night. At 11:30p he was 388, and at the 2a check he was 60! For breakfast this morning he was 102. At lunch his meter said HI and it wasn't telling me hello!   He hasn't had any ketones though, but this is driving me insane!  If we adjust his Lantus to a higher dose it seems like he has consistent lows, and no matter how much Novolog we give him he always seems high!  Except at the times when you don't want him too low .. i.e. night!

My other children probably think they have diabetes too.  I have checked Corbin & Callan so many times in the past couple of days, my husband thinks I'm going nuts.  Corbin is always hungry (not like him at all!) and thirsty!  Cason has ginormous diapers without a lot of liquids.  They always come up normal.  Does the paranoia ever stop?

Cason has had a tough couple of days too.  He had an allergic reaction to a flipping french fry!  He immediately got red welts on his face and back, and he didn't even swallow it!! He already doesn't want to eat solid foods, and his crazy food allergies make me not want to feed him anything new!  He can survive off of milk, pureed veggies, fruits, and yogurt for the rest of his life, right?

Red welts after eating a french fry. :/

We see our endo on Tuesday, as well as a dermatologist for Cason.  It's a 7 hour round trip.  I'm super nervous. I have been a failure at faxing in Callans numbers, and keeping good log books.  Hopefully she will not be to upset at me and understand that we just have a lot going on! 

My husband and I are both not feeling so great.  My body hurts. ALL THE TIME.  Right now my lower back feels like it's on fire!  I have random pains everywhere. I'm sure it's all from stress.  I just want to feel normal again!



  1. I pray for you and your family. Sounds like you are a wonderful mother doing a great job taking care of your children. Hang in there Momma!!

  2. I think the middle of the night checks eventually get better. I remember thinking I was going to die from lack of sleep and how it was worse than having a newborn baby. But now, I get up right at 2:30, sometimes even before the alarm goes off, I'm able to check BG and get back to sleep pretty quickly (on a good night) and then I'm up again at 6:30 and I think my body is used to it now.

    I don't think the Paranoia EVER stops....I check my other 2 like crazy sometimes too.

    Our Endo is about 7 hours round trip too, we have to drive down to Phoenix. I usually make a whole day of it, Endo, lunch, Shopping at Sam's or Costco and Trader Joe's, sometimes the mall too. Sometimes we go down the afternoon before or stay over the day we go down. Of course hotels can be expensive.

    Hang in there mama, the D has its bad days but hopefully, eventually you're good days will outnmuber the bad days. As for the allergies, OOFDA, good luck with those. Poor baby!