Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our lives have been turned upside down .. again.   Last Wednesday my husband lost his job.  We spent all day Thursday applying for everything that we could find.  This was so sudden, and we were not prepared at all!  Friday he had a phone interview with a company in Salt Lake City, UT.  They offered him pretty much the same position as he had with his prior company .. but it was in Rock Springs, Wyoming .. and we would need to be there by Sunday.  Did I mention this was on Friday???

So Friday night we started packing up stuff to go with us, as well as the house.  Saturday morning we had our JDRF walk.  It was a little cold, but fun!

Saturday we spent the day running errands and packing up more stuff.  Sunday morning we took off for the great state of Wyoming, our car full of clothes, diabetes supplies, and diapers.    And that's where I am right now!  Sitting in a hotel, trying to find a not so expensive place to rent!  In 2 weeks we'll be heading back down to New Mexico to pack up everything and truck it up here. I'm not looking forward to that 28hr round trip drive! :/

So, I have a question. Do any of y'all live in Wyoming?  Or do you live in a state that doesn't have any pediatric endos?  I've been googling, and I can't find any in this whole entire state!  The closest one is in Salt Lake City, 2 hours away. How would that work if Callan uses a state medicaid?  (Callan qualified for disability through SSI because of his t1d, and automatically gets medicaid now!)

Thanks in advance. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Oh what a busy week it has been!

Tuesday we took our trip to ABQ to see the endocrinologist.  It has been in the high 80's for the past few weeks here.  Well, that day it decided to SNOW! We had left at 6am, I was in some sweat pants because it's a 3.5hr trip there. I thought I had brought a pair of jeans and capris with me. Think again!  I had capris and flip flops in the snowy 32* weather.

Callans appointment was okay. His A1C went up from 8 to 8.7.  :/   We've had a lot of highs because he's been sick.  He is also being referred to a GI because he tested positive for Celiacs.  Just another thing to add to our bucket of things going on!  His appointment lasted a whole 20 minutes ... seems like such a short appointment for a 3.5hr drive!!

Afterwards we went to our most favorite place to eat, Red Robin. :)  There isn't one where we live so we only get it once every 3 months!  After that we went to the Albuquerque Aquarium.  The boys had so much fun!

Callan was afraid the fish would get him!

Cason also had an appointment with the dermatologist in ABQ.  They didn't really tell us anything that his allergist hadn't already told us, so it felt like a waste of time!  He has been having some issues as well.  For the past week he's had white diarrhea, and has been throwing up!  I'm afraid he's developing an allergy for milk.  

Thursday night our pedi told me to take him to urgent care.  We went there, and they sent us straight to the ER.  Cason had a rash on his face that looked like he had a sunburn, plus the diarrhea, vomiting, and a fever of 101.   The ER dr wasn't concerned at all. He asked me why I would even bring him in for a rash since he already has eczema, and that white diarrhea is normal!  I asked him a question about what was going on with Cason and he told me to stop trying to find things wrong with my kids!  Like I REALLY need more things wrong!

The next day I took him to his pedi and she thinks that it was just fifths disease.  I'm not too sure though.  She ordered a stool sample, and that's sitting in my refrigerator until tomorrow.  She's also referring him to a GI. 

I hope everyone had a less eventful week than me, and y'all are having a great Easter!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

3:36a ramblings.

It's 3:36a, and I can't go back to sleep. :/

I actually feel like I haven't slept in days.  Callans numbers have been crazy!  He pretty much has been in the 200-500's on a consistent basis since Thursday.  But he will have crazy lows too. Like last night. At 11:30p he was 388, and at the 2a check he was 60! For breakfast this morning he was 102. At lunch his meter said HI and it wasn't telling me hello!   He hasn't had any ketones though, but this is driving me insane!  If we adjust his Lantus to a higher dose it seems like he has consistent lows, and no matter how much Novolog we give him he always seems high!  Except at the times when you don't want him too low .. i.e. night!

My other children probably think they have diabetes too.  I have checked Corbin & Callan so many times in the past couple of days, my husband thinks I'm going nuts.  Corbin is always hungry (not like him at all!) and thirsty!  Cason has ginormous diapers without a lot of liquids.  They always come up normal.  Does the paranoia ever stop?

Cason has had a tough couple of days too.  He had an allergic reaction to a flipping french fry!  He immediately got red welts on his face and back, and he didn't even swallow it!! He already doesn't want to eat solid foods, and his crazy food allergies make me not want to feed him anything new!  He can survive off of milk, pureed veggies, fruits, and yogurt for the rest of his life, right?

Red welts after eating a french fry. :/

We see our endo on Tuesday, as well as a dermatologist for Cason.  It's a 7 hour round trip.  I'm super nervous. I have been a failure at faxing in Callans numbers, and keeping good log books.  Hopefully she will not be to upset at me and understand that we just have a lot going on! 

My husband and I are both not feeling so great.  My body hurts. ALL THE TIME.  Right now my lower back feels like it's on fire!  I have random pains everywhere. I'm sure it's all from stress.  I just want to feel normal again!

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