Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy THIRD Birthday Callan!

6lbs 5oz. 18 1/2" long.
3 years ago today, at 3:55am, I gave birth to the strongest, toughest, most stubborn little boy.  Callan has ALWAYS been stubborn. It's his way or no way.  He's super shy (like his mommy!) but isn't afraid to tell you to get away from him or that he doesn't like you.

My wittle 1 month old baby Callan.

Callans birth was very dramatic.   My husband had gotten a promotion and we were temporarily living in a town 3 hours away from my ob/gyn.  I had been going back and forth just for appointments, which was hard!  About a week before Callan was born I got really really sick .. I didn't even have a voice!  My ob/gyn assured me that it was safe to take Tylenol Cold & Flu while pregnant.

Corbin & Callan.
Well, fast foward a week and some days.  I'm still taking the medicine. I just couldn't get better!  At 11:30pm I started having contractions.  By 2:30am I knew it was really happening.  So my husband rushed me to the hospital.  I don't know if they just weren't paying attention, or really didn't know what they were doing. But my whole birth experience with him was terrible.  They thought that I had not had any prenatal care during my entire pregnancy.  They tried getting records, but no one would call them back from my drs office. (Which is a blessing, because I had signed papers for a tubal!  If they had gotten the papers I wouldn't have a Cason!)
18 months old.

I was getting my spinal for my c-section when the dr walks in.  He said that my blood test had tested positive for meth!!!  (FYI I have never done a drug in my life!)  He started calling me a meth head, and was telling me that he was going to call cps to have my kids taken away because drug addicts don't deserve children. Remember, all of this was going on while a huge needle was going into my back. :/
Callan and big sister Ashlynn.

I was freaking out.  He was so rude, and mean to me, and I didn't understand what was going on!  I kept asking questions during the surgery and he wouldn't even talk to me.  He didn't even show me Callan after he was born!   My husband couldn't come in with me because we had the kids, and no one to watch them. They didn't even update him for an hour and a half after surgery!!  The dr did call cps. They had to search the apartment that we were staying in and found nothing, of course!  So first thing when we left the hospital we both had to go for more accurate drug testing. Needless to say, we passed!  After some googling, I found out that you can have a false positive for methamphetamines while taking cold medicine! 
Ashlynn, Callan, Corbin, & Zackary.
Callan and Corbin.
Top 10 things that I love about Callan:

1. You are so tough. I know you can handle anything.
2. When you randomly say "You're the best mommy ever!" You know how to melt my heart!
3. You secretly deep down love your brothers and sister.

4. The smile on your face when it's time to eat!
5. When I ask you your name and you say "Spiderman Anderson".
6. You are so brave. You have been through so much for a little boy. I am so proud of you!
7. The way you tell Daddy to go to his room if you don't like what he says or does.
8. That you love love love swimming.
9. You are so smart!
10.You have the greatest imagination!
He's so tough!

Mommy sure does love you Mr. Callan Riker!

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