Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A scary night.

This all started last night. I did the 8pm check. It was 457. Ugh!  I gave him his correction, and my husband re-checked at 2am. 432!!  By breakfast he was at 398.  So pretty much all day today he's been in the 400's.  I tested for ketones, and they were moderate.  So we flushed him with fluids, and I called his endo.  They wanted us to call at 6pm and let them know what his bg was as well as his ketones to see where we would go from there.  By 6pm he was 275, and there was a small amount of ketones. Thought we were good to go!

Think again.  Callan started throwing up.  Then it seemed like he was going in and out of consciousness.  I was freaked.  I rushed him to the ER.  I told the guy at the desk that he had diabetes, had high bg, and ketones all day today and now he is throwing up and lethargic.  He said "Okay. So he has type type dye uh beh tes?"  This guy didn't have an accent.  :/

We sat down to wait, and Callan started throwing up again.  I ran up to the desk, slammed my hand down and screamed "My son has diabetes.  He had high bg and ketones all day. He is throwing up and lethargic. He needs to be seen RIGHT NOW!"   They rushed us in.

My poor baby.

After an ABG, bloodwork, and some urine tests everything came back NORMAL. He didn't have any ketones, but did have some glucose in his urine.  His bg was 108 according to the ABG.  They pretty much acted like I was a crazy mad woman who brought her son in for no reason at all.   I know that kids usually act better when you take them to the dr, but come on!  This is extreme.  For my son to be able to take away his high bg and ketones!  Why can't he do this on a daily basis? :P

Callan after the IV fluid and oxygen. My silly happy guy!

Callan is home now, and doing fine.  After some IV fluid and oxygen he was back to his silly little self.   I'm pretty sure that he is getting sick, since his brother was sick.  But his brother never threw up, so I don't know where that came from.  This will be our first sickness after being diagnosed.  I hate you diabetes.



  1. Goodness! I'm glad your little man is alright. Thank you for your blog! My little girl was diagnosed in October (2011) at 16 months old. I understand the feeling of failure!! I hate how it doesn't matter if you do everything right, you still can't control those stupid numbers! Like taking her levemir down a half unit cause she woke up at 48 and three days later she wakes up in the 400s with ketones!! Argh!! I have no support system where I am. Anyone I've talked to has a child that was diagnosed at 6 or older. COMPLETELY different with a toddler!!! It's so hard when they don't know how to express themselves or let you know they don't feel well. I need to keep a journal so I can look back and see where we started and what an accomplishment it will be what we're dealing with now. Bravo! to you! We are amazing for the challenges we have dealt with and what's ahead. I will keep you and your family...especially those sweet boys in my prayers!

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely is hard .. especially when you are a control freak and perfectionist like me! I wish that the numbers would just stay consistent .. but no matter what they don't! So frustrating! I hope your daughter is doing good. Callan was also diagnosed in October 2011.

  2. i am so glad that he is all right. look at his smiley face!

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