Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy TWELFTH Birthday Zacky Do Da!

Oh gosh. It's hard to even write this post.  My oldest, my first baby, is twelve years old.  How is that even possible?!  

I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was young, and naive. I knew I was in labor, but I was scared. I thought if I ignored it, it would just go away. HA!   I got to the hospital at 5:30am on February 26, 2000.  The nurse thought I wasn't really in labor, but they were going to keep me and do my c-section that day anyways. . since I was there.  My c-section was actually scheduled for leap day!  Zackary was breech. They had tried doing an external cephalic version (turning him) but it didn't work.  Come to find out [after my c-section] that I have a bi-cornuate uterus which means that my uterus is basically shaped like a heart. Anyway, my water broke at 8am, and he was born at 11:32am.  He weighed 6lbs 12oz, and was 18.5" long.  He was such a good baby, but also suffered from asthma & eczema. [Like Cason!] 

I always sang a song to him that I made up.  A remix version of Zippity Do Da. [Thus the nickname Zacky Do Da]     "Zackity Do Da. Zackity Aye. Oh my my this is Zackarys Day. Plenty of sunshine coming his way! Zackity Do Da. Zackity Aye."   He gets really embarrassed when I sing it now.  But I can't help it!  He will forever always be my Zacky Do Da.

Why I love my Zacky:

1. He is so sweet. He picked up dog poop for people over the summer just to buy his brother a birthday present with his OWN money.

2. He is an amazing artist. He wants to design video games when he grows up!

3. He's still a mamas boy, and would sleep with me if I let him.

4. He doesn't follow the crowd. He likes what he likes and that's how it is!

5. He is an awesome rock climber!

6. He has unique hair styles. He's had a mohawk, faux hawk, super long hair, and went completely bald! He has bright red hair too.

7. He is an entrepreneur. He is always trying to figure out ways to make money.

8. He is so smart.

9.  He has an awesome sense of humor. He can always make me laugh!

10.  He is such a great big brother!

Happy 12th birthday sweet boy!  The time sure has flown by. I love you so so so much!

[This was supposed to post yesterday, on his birthday, but for some reason it didn't! So it's a little belated!]


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