Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy FIRST Birthday Sweet Cason!

Yesterday my last precious baby turned 1. 

To say he's had a hard time is an understatement.  At 18 weeks pregnant we found out that there was an issue with my placenta. It had detached, and reattached.  It was too low, and shaped weird.  It's called a circumvallate placenta.  I was pretty much on bedrest from 18wks until I had him.  I couldn't keep any food down, so I lost tons of weight.  I also had way too much fluid. At 28wks, I was measuring 42wks!  The only good thing about this was being able to see my baby on the ultrasound screen once a week.

3D Ultrasound taken at 34 weeks.
Cason was born at 35 weeks.  Even though he weighed a whopping 6lbs 14oz, he still had to go to the NICU.  When he was born he swallowed some [clear] fluid, and developed pneumonia.  He was on a cpap at first, but eventually had to be intubated. He was also on a brainz monitor for quite some time because they thought he was having seizures. [It was really a reaction to the Ativan & Versed they were giving him.] Seeing my baby like this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. He spent 3 very long weeks in NICU, until he finally got to come home. 

1st picture. Before he was whisked away to NICU.

Day 1 in the NICU.

My first time holding him!

A week away from going home.

Shortly after coming home he developed severe reflux. He was projectile spitting up after every feeding no matter what I did.  Then he developed a rash on his little cheeks. I took him to the dr KNOWING it was eczema, because my oldest had had this as well. They convinced me it was baby acne.  A few weeks later we relocated to another state, and I KNEW it was eczema then. He had patches all over his poor little body.

He has been on so many medications, and creams. Now every morning when he sees the medicine dropper he gets excited. How sad is that!!  About a month ago he was diagnosed with some allergies after having an allergic reaction to something.  We wound up in the ER, and he was given epinepherine.  As of right now he has an epi pen and is allergic to eggs, soy, gluten, peanuts, and dog and cat dander. : /  He is also having to have breathing treatments regularly.

Even though his first year has been totally stressful and insane, I wouldn't change anything. Don't get me wrong, I would take everything away from him and give it to myself in an instance. But I couldn't imagine my life without this sweet little boy in it.  He has completed our family.

Happy FIRST birthday my sweet baby.  I hope you have a HEALTHY second year.

Things I LOVE about CASON:
1. He says dada when I say mama, and then laughs.
2. He thinks he's so funny, and fake laughs all.the.time!
3. He has the most sweetest smile.
4. He is a fish!  He would live in the water if he could.
5. He gives me random kisses.
6. He is scared of monkeys and the vaccuum.
7. He won't drink from a sippy cup, but he can drink from a big cup like it's nobodys business.
8. The way his face lights up when I get him up in the morning.
9. The way he plays with the door stopper.
10. How he is the fastest crawler in the world when he hears the bath water.


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