Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Things are looking up. For the first time in months my little baby, Cason, has clear skin WITHOUT steroids!!  I've eliminated all gluten, egg, and soy from his diet.  I'm also getting rid of the peanut butter after the incident we had last week!  I had made the boys lunch (pb & j) and licked the knife. It was surely 30 minutes later, and I had even had something to drink.  I gave Cason a kiss, and his poor little cheek turned bright red for the next day.

 July, 2011 
This is what prompted us to get rid of our dog.
Cason actually did that to himself while he was sleeping. :(

 September, 2011

September, 2011
He is on oral steroids, as well as steroid cream here.
It works great, but I don't like giving it to him.

 November, 2011

January, 2012
He's totally rocking the same outfit back in September! 
He's still so tiny!

The last picture was taken this week.  When I got him up in the morning his skin was as clear as it has ever been (while not using steroids)!  I have been giving him organic whole milk, fruits, veggies, and gluten free-soy free cereal.  I'm hoping that his skin will continue to get clearer.  He's still a little itchy, but not anything like he has been!

Have any of y'all had to deal with eczema and allergies??  Did eliminating everything from their diet help clear the eczema? 



  1. WOW. That first pic is shocking :(

    You know...when people say their kid gets a rash, I think of a little red spot or two. NOT THAT!

    I hope you're able to find the resources you need to carry you through this journey. I'll pray that some (ALL!!!) of these allergies will evolve with time and, eventually, be GONE!!!

    If I run across any blogs that could help, I'll be sure to send a link your way!

  2. My nephew had pretty bad eczema when he was little, maybe around 18 months, turns out he was allergic to strawberries and some laudry detergents, the only laundry detergent he can use is Arm & Hammer I think. I think they told him to use Udder Cream or Corn Huskers lotion after baths too.

  3. Stopping back by to let you know that Jules of Jules Gluten Free (I LOVE HER!!!) is hosting an internet radio talk show today discussing her favorite GF, dairy free, etc brands.

    Here's the post she put on FB:

    Jules has been instrumental in helping us on our GF journey. While we don't have the number of allergy issues you're facing, perhaps you may find some of her info helpful as well. Here's her blog:

  4. OH! And here's another one I found...

    This blog has a bunch of allergy friendly sweet treats on it -- I remember you were concerned about his birthday cake:

    And check out SUNBUTTER for an alternative to peanut butter.

    K...back to your regularly scheduled life :)