Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's been a while.

I feel like I haven't posted in for.ev.er.  And it's probably because I haven't!  Things are just super busy around here.

Callans blood sugars have been great.  We finally have an appointment with a new endo on the 3rd. It's a 3.5hr drive one way, but I will drive as far as it takes to get my baby the medical care that he DESERVES!

Cason (our 10 month old baby) was put into Occupational & Speech therapy.  At 9 months old he wouldn't put any pressure on his feet, couldn't sit up, and pretty much was like a newborn.  I knew that he could be a little delayed because he was a preemie, but I called for help.  Within the first week he was crawling!! He is now pulling himself up and putting pressure on those little tootsies. The other morning I walked into his room to get him up and he was playing ON THE FLOOR.  He somehow got out of his crib, but didn't get hurt! (Thank GOD!  We have all tile floors so I can't even fathom the what ifs that could have happened!) He still will not sit up without support, but they said it's because he is super uncomfortable from his severe reflux. He also has severe eczema which doesn't help either. I could not imagine being extremely itchy 24/7. :(

My sweet Cason.

At Casons first appointment, they asked about Callan.  They did the evaulation for him and decided that their services would benefit him as well.  So now we have a speech therapist, a teacher, and a regular therapist coming weekly to help him. He is really angry all the time, and will flip at the drop of a hat if something isn't exactly the way he wants it to be. I don't know if it's because of the diabetes, or what .. but hopefully the therapist will be able to help some how. I'm not sure what they will talk about since Callan is only 2 and isn't able to totally communicate yet. He was also able to be put in swimming lessons (for free!) through their program!!  He loves the water, so this is such a good thing for him! But this is also once a week.

Mr. Callan, who never smiles.

Our 4yr old, Corbin, was also put into speech therapy through the school district here. That is a twice a week deal.

Corbin, deep in thought.

Our life is so busy right now!


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