Monday, November 14, 2011

{Happy} World Diabetes Day!

Happy World Diabetes Day!

It just doesn't seem right to put happy in front of diabetes.  I am not happy that my child, or any child (or adult) has to go through this. BUT I am happy that at least there is a way to manage it.  

This year we participated in the World Diabetes Postcard Exchange.  We mailed off our postcard this morning and a nice family in Texas should be receiving it shortly!  My husband made it himself. 

On the back of the postcard we wrote a nice paragraph from Callan.  We can't wait to get our postcard in the mail!   What are y'all doing to "celebrate" today?


  1. Maybe next year Callan will be crafting it himself! Its cute. Happy World Diabetes Day.

  2. Hi --- I'm the nice family from TX that got your post card. We love it!! I loved reading about Callan on the back. Thank you for sharing your story and your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you and your sweet family.

    Your friend in Texas --

    Laura :)