Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I messed up.

I have been beating myself up for two days now.  Yesterday morning 2 of my boys had a doctors appointment.  My husband had left to go out of town, and I was rushing to get everyone ready, everything packed, and out the door and there on time.  6 shots, and 2 screaming boys later we made it home in time for lunch.

I check Callans bg.  It's 498.  Immediately my mind goes into overdrive.  HOW? WHY?!? I gave him a snack at the drs, but he was running around like a mad crazy man .. surely that would have not made it that high.  AND THEN I REALIZED ... I forgot to give him his Novolog after breakfast. :/

I started crying. I felt horrible. How could I, HIS MOTHER, forget this?!?  This is SO important!  How horrible am I? :(

I eventually got it back down, and there were no ketones, so everything was okay.  I just felt horrible.  BUT I can't beat myself up about it anymore. It happened. There isn't anything I can do about it now.  The only thing I can do is learn from this and permanently tattoo a reminder on my hand and forehead.

{PS: I was seriously not going to post this for fear of what y'all might say.  But I'm just going to go out on a limb and hope that y'all will have some sympathy for this newbie.}


  1. We forgot to give Kaitee Lantus more times then I can count. Its life, mistakes happen. Shots are a pain and can easily slip the mind. Once your guy gets on the pump life will be so much easier. That thing is a lifesaver!!

    ~Amanda Iverson

  2. you absolutely have to forgive yourself mistakes- no judgement here!. this disease is hard enough and its a long haul. take small steps and just remain positive with yourself! look on the bright side, at least the morning dose wasnt accidentally switched for the wrong insulin, and it wasnt accidentally given twice, both of which would be a disaster. At least now also you know the situations that are a bit chaotic (going out in time to meet an appointment is a biggie for us too). Our worst time for forgetting is dinner time because my husband is home, theres homework and other errands, sometimes its a little late because we are just so BUSY. I assume hes done it, he assumes ive done it...you get the picture.

  3. Umm....once I gave Lantus instead of Novolog.


    Welcome to the "We're Human Club" :)

  4. Hi Andi! I just noticed yesterday that you stopped by my blog and left a comment, you asked what is the DOC, in case you havent' gotten that question answered, it's the Diabetes Online Community. Gosh I wish I could say Welcome to the DOC! I guess I can, so Welcome to the DOC. It's not great that we're all here fighting for our kids, but we'll Welcome you with open arms, advice, a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to a rant, whatever you need.

    As far as skipping a shot, everyone does it...I hope...I know I have, skipped shots, skipped bolus', doubled up on shots and bolus', you name it! We're human, and we're busy mom's. I don't think it happens often, but it happens. Don't beat yourself up about it. Have a good cry if you need it, then get back up and get back to the swing of things.