Friday, October 21, 2011

The Endocrinologist

I'm not sure that I really like ours.  He's the closest one to us, and that's still almost an hour away.  He is also the only pediatric endocrinologist which means he's always booked.  Right now we are on the phone with him every night.  Giving him the numbers for the day, telling him what we did or didn't do, and then adjusting his long term insulin that way.  It kind of makes me feel a little uneasy that he isn't seeing us face to face and helping us through this.

Last week I got a letter in the mail from his office.  It was letting us know when OUR VERY FIRST appointment would be.   We do not see him until April 2, 2012!   Does that seem odd to anyone else?  Someone newly diagnosed with Type 1 and not even being seen until 6 months later?!?  My pediatrician wants us to switch to another one .. but that would mean a 3 hour drive. 

How often do y'all see the endocrinologist?  What is the normal waiting period?

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  1. that does seem unusual, must be a busy clinic? we go every 12 weeks. one time we got a particularly bad hba1c because of sickness, so we got to see in the interim, i think 6 weekly. my endo said to us not to call and talk over the phone, that its a joke to think they could give us sensible advice by the last few numbers we rattle off. (this is the hospital protocol, we phone a 24 hr mobile #, manned by an endo). he said we should email our results weekly to the diabetes educators (nurses) at the clinic. when i do that, they refer us back to the mobile number to consult with an actual endo. its frustrating and ridiculous.